Main Attributes
Full Name Safir Jari
Nicknames Saf
Pronunciation Suh-fear Jar-ee
DOB 8543.2.3
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 6' 4"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Musciar
Species Phrixian/Naglfari
Job Assassin
Personal Affiliations
Parents Zatyr and Vera Ari
Best Friend Maris
Worst Enemy Kyr
Other Info
Tattoos / Scars League tattoo on his left shoulder
Favorite Pastime Reading
Mode of Transportation Airbike
Weapon of Choice Hands
Pets Kyr

One of the League’s best, Saf has never gone after a target he hasn’t killed. Nothing and no one escapes his deadly blade. But he’s not all that he seems. Most of all, he’s loyal to a fault. So much so, that he’s been known to risk his life to help those he shouldn’t even be speaking to. He owes a blood debt to his older brother Maris and it’s one he will honor even if it means his life.

The names of siblings and their birth order:

1) Kyr Zemen

2) Zander Ulle (Heir)

3) Vadim Zahi

4) Valari Sadoq

5) Madai Zhao

6) Galeal Avese

7) Maris Sulle

8) Draygon Bogatyr

9) Safir Jari

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